HELLO and a warm welcome to my website. It’s great to have you here to share my fictional world.

The website is a work in progress and will be further developed over the next few months. Check back later in the year when my next book, ‘Summer at the Manor House’, will be published.

This is the first of three books set in the fictional Cotswolds village of Briargreen.

In the meantime you can purchase ‘Tangling with the London Tycoon’.

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A little about me…

I’ve always been an enthusiastic reader – torchlight under the duvet as a child, that kind of thing – and a bit of a scribbler of stories.

The book bug never left me and the scribbles have grown into the light-hearted stories I love to write.

I live in the South Island of New Zealand where family, friends and two well fed cats support my books and cute stationery addictions.

I love Pinterest – an overlap with the cute stationery addiction there, I think.

I use it all the time to inspire and plan my books. To dream about future travels. To marvel at people’s creativity and talent. To enjoy art, fashion, beauty and colour without having to pay for it!

I really admire Pins of watercolours and sketches, especially when the artist has a whimsical, life-affirming style. Having zero drawing talents myself I have purchased some lovely whimsical sketches for my Briargreen Village series book covers. Looking forward to introducing the characters behind the covers soon.

See you on Pinterest for colour, inspiration and fun.