We have had two family Bichons. My mother called them Beau and Sasha and they lived up to their reputation as cute, intelligent and cuddly. It’s not surprising they have turned up in my Briargreen Village novels as Toby – it’s impossible to resist that sweet, lively face!

They are a small but sturdy breed with a gorgeous white hypoallergenic coat which is soft and velvety to touch. They are known as great ‘personality dogs’, irresistible canine comedians who interact with humans with a winning charm and mischievous intelligence.

Alert and curious, Bichons make nice little watchdogs, but they are lovers, not fighters, and operate under the assumption that there are no strangers, just friends they haven’t met yet.

American Kennel Club

Bichon puppies are very cute. They have raggedy little coats and love to sit on your feet as you wash the dishes etc. You can’t move far without them dogging your steps!

They enjoy and excel at puppy school and are very easy to train. For example, Bichons love to perform tricks and learn new ones quickly. They respond very well to training based on positive rewards, rather than harsh or negative methods. A Bichon needs to be with his family, and undesirable behaviors are likely to result if they regularly leave him alone for long periods of time.

Yes, a Bichon is a commitment, but with the huge reward of many years of fun and devotion.

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